On Demand SSL for SaaS Providers

SSL certificate renewals made easy

SSL SaaS offers instant security for your customers domains quickly and easily. No tricky management, no complex set up, no huge learning curves.

It just works.

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Branded domains

Allow your customers to use their own domain name to keep on-brand and give a better user experience and increased SEO ranking.

Zero management

Simple add your endpoint and the domains you wish to allow access, our platform accepts and pushes traffic to your platform automatically.

DNS integration

Ask your customers to point their domains to your unique CNAME, literally nothing more to do.

SaaS SSL certificates made easy

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How does it work?

We renew certificates for your customers domains automatically.

SSL SaaS manages the whole life-cycle of SSL certificates using a number of third party providers such as Lets Encrypt and ZeroSSL.

Our platform gives you the ability create your own endpoints (where the traffic will be pushed) and which domains are allowed access.

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Simple, cost-effective plans

All new accounts will be added to our free tier automatically.

Custom paid plans are coming soon with added benefits including multi-zoned infrastructure and API access.

We have been using this service ourselves for the past five years, providing custom branded domains for both our own SaaS products and our clients too.

Automated SSL certificates

SSL SaaS uses high quality servers and industry leading software to handle thousands of requests every minute of the day. Requests using valid domains have SSL certificates generated in seconds and the traffic pushed to the requested endpoint automatically.

Easy to use platform

Clients of SSL SaaS can quickly and easily manage both endpoints and which domains are valid. All changes are propagated to the relevant servers in the platform in real time so changes take effect straight away.

White label with ease

Make your platform a better fit for your customers by allowing them to use their own domains to access it with zero maintenance.

SaaS SSL certificates made easy

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Frequently asked questions

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How are renewals managed?
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Can I turn a specific domain on/off?
Can I use my own branded CNAME?
What domains can be used?
What is the cost of the service?
What happens on the expiry date?
What level of security do the certificates have?

Any other questions?

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